Villa Casa Loma.

What our guests say...

"What a villa! What a view! You weren't kidding when you said it was breathtaking. The food, golf, beaches and sightseeing made for very busy days. It was a treat to come "home" to Casa Loma each day."

AH, Bath, UK

We would be pleased to have you experience Villa Casa Loma. Spain's combination of sun, sea, sangria, and siestas, provide the perfect combination of activities and relaxation. If you are like us, the hardest part will be leaving.

Dr. John Towler, Owner
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Beautiful architecture, breathtaking vistas, captivating culture...

Welcome to Villa Casa Loma, our "House On The Hill", Granada, Spain. Our Spanish Villa Rental is available throughout the year.

Located in the province of Granada, Andalucía, in the Kingdom of Spain, our Villa is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains overlooking the Costa Tropical de Granada and the Mediterranean Sea—a sub-tropic micro-climate reputed to be the best in Europe with temperate tropical temperatures and 326 days of sun a year.

The villa forms part of the "urbanization" of Monte de los Almendros or "Mountain of Almonds", the site of a former almond orchard. Ranked one of the four finest urbanizations in Spain, Monte de los Almendros is an exclusive, non-gated, international community of private residences on properties of one acre or larger.

It includes access to an immaculate swimming pool, children’s pool, soccer field, tennis court, and international library. The common language here is Spanish and then English.

The leisure activities are endless.... Swim at the five-mile beach below the villa or at one of the many others nearby, visit quaint old towns and markets, or shop in modern European department stores. Golf nearby or eat at one of the numerous, excellent local restaurants. The seafood is fresh, the wines superb, and the prices reasonable.

The summers are dry and there is always a breeze at the villa. In the winter, spend the morning skiing in the Sierras and come home to sunbathe on the terrace after lunch. Our Spanish Villa holiday rental is available for your enjoyment throughout the year.

Villa Casa Loma will surpass your expectations. Learn more About the Villa.

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